Different sectors often have a wide variety of needs when it comes to purchasing water treatment components, which is why we manufacture a comprehensive range of fully customisable components.


We supply products for the assembly and construction of a range of comprehensive systems. We primarily make parts for the: residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Research and development

The market is in constant evolution and requires both reliability and security: our R&D department is committed to developing both innovative components and cutting-edge products.

A young, experienced team

MWG was founded in 2014, growing continuously on a foundation of research, consolidated experience and expertise, in addition
to an entrepreneurial family vision focused on innovation, future demand and new markets.

Our philosophy: professionalism and transparency

We produce high-quality products with added value.
We pay the utmost attention to every customer need.

Continuous improvement

Our goal is to improve water quality by manufacturing water treatment components and materials that meet the highest standards.

Patents and certifications

Our flagship products have gained international recognition in the water treatment sector. This acknowledgement has allowed us to gain certifications and submit a number of prestigious design patents.